Dear Visitor. Welcome to MeghaMart – bringing the best of North East to your doorstep. In view of the current nationwide lockdown to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and as per government guidelines, we have removed all non essential products from the site and are currently focussing on home delivery of orders containing only daily need products such as food, groceries, toiletries and health care items that are most important to our customers.

For this purpose and to assist citizens of the city to stay safe and not come out of their own homes and neighbourhoods, locality specific home delivery stores are featured on the site from where you can place your home delivery orders with an easy click. However and despite the current circumstances which have led to MeghaMart evolving into a locality focused home delivery platform, we still remain true to our original philosophy of being a registry and a repository of products and services of the State for the time being and the North East in the long run.

Meghalaya Alternative E-Commerce and Phone Delivery Options

To this end and to further enhance your shopping experience by offering you, the customer, the freedom and power of uncluttered choice, we have created a separate section where local independent home delivery platforms, online stores, phone-in ordering sites and services are listed and accessible by clicking on one of the sections below.

MeghaMart only lists these external sites and contacts for the benefit and information of the population at large but does not and cannot take responsibility for their performance, delivery, payments or quality of services. We appeal and request that you stay safe and stay home by making full use of our site.