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Shillong Area

William Nagar


Jowai Area

Meat Orders

Khmat Lbong – 400/-
General – 360/-
Pork – 320/-
You can order specifically the type of meat e.g. ribs etc. and based upon availability, it’ll be delivered to your home. Butchering being down twice a week.

Call : 7005531851 | 6909948376

Meet the Cheesemaker from Shillong

Melvin Manners, the force behind the first creamery in Meghalaya

Some FAQs and Important information


Greetings from COLKS(Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services)

With the current situation of COVID19 pandemic, farmers don’t have enough access to markets resulting in wastage of their agri produce. COLKS launched COLKS green – an initiative to provide market linkage to farmers in the first week of lockdown itself. We had to tweak our original mechanism to procure agri produce from farmers following all safety guidelines and protocol and at the same time deliver the same to our customers in a contactless and cashless manner. COLKS green will resume it’s home delivery service across Shillong from 29th April, 2020(Wednesday)

COLKS green will keep on adding variety of groceries, Vegetables, fruits and other essential items to its list so that people of Shillong have lesser reasons to come out of their homes. With every purchase you make, you help farmers of Meghalaya as well as your family.

Please visit website to place orders. Stay home and keep your family safe while we deliver your necessities to your home.


‘BEE Natural’, First farmer’s product from Meghalaya which started out as a brand of premium honey and now has added many more spices to its brand and thereby with the help of the supply chain developed by COLKS has been successful in engaging the farmers and giving them sustainable livelihood and placing their products in both national and international markets.


Get your PIZZAS at home.
Call : 9774398736 / 7642834487

Vishal Megamart home delivery

To place order contact the following persons