Ka Shillong Rannaghar – Home Cooked Food

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Non Veg

Item Description Price
Chicken Kasha Dry spicy chicken curry 150
Small fish Curry Seasonal small fish prepared with tomato and mustard 150
Fish Balls Fried brown fish balls with gravy 140
Chicken Balls Golden brown chicken balls with home made sauce 180
Soup & Sausage Chicken clear soup with chicken sausage 125
Spicy fish fry Baked spicy fish fry 90
Fish curry Katla fish curry 120
Egg Kasha Spicy egg kasha 60
Dry fish Shidol chutney 40


Item Description Price
Dal fry Bengali dal fry tarka 70
Alu dum Traditional Alu Dum curry 70
Roasted Brinjal Traditional begun bharta 40
Plantain kofta curry Kach-Kola kofta with traditional red curry 90
Potol Pustu curry Pointed gourd with mustard and poppy seeds 120
Hotch Potch with fish fry Kichdi with deep brown fish fry 160